Single-Mind Fullness

Everybody is self-partnered when they are in the act of meditating – it is a singularly solo act. In that regard, choosing a self-partnered and solo life is like living in an extended meditation. It becomes a life of more intense mindfulness when you spend great amounts of time alone. Life emerges as a slow act in single-mindedness and your time is well-spent with such meditative deliberateness.

While not perfect, I spend A LOT of time experimenting with my own meditation practice. I am constantly tweaking what I do, how I sit, how I focus, what I use for musical or sensory prompts. I especially like to watch where my mind goes. I find that meditation is never a skill that one completely masters. No one, no matter how long they have been meditating, ever has it completely figured out. It is always a burgeoning learning no matter how long you’ve been engaged in it.

I have friends who will meditate for an hour every single day. I admire and aspire to that kind of practice, but I only usually sit for 30 to 40 minutes, three to four days a week.

 I have found that the best time for me to meditate is first thing in the morning, while it is still dark outside, watching the daylight grow around me. I like meditating in the early morning, since it feels like a perfect time to connect with your slow and sleepy inner consciousness. A great time to look within.

The actual mechanics of my personal meditation practice varies widely, between keeping my mind as still and as quiet as possible to the opposite of crafting active and vivid visualizations. Regardless of how I meditate, WHERE I meditate is always in the same location.  I have a little papasan chair that I love very much.  Papasan is a very popular and inexpensive bamboo circular nest of a chair. I have one that I am sitting in right now writing this, and that is also the location where I do most of my meditating. I think it’s important to find a spot that’s comfortable and cozy – whether you’re completely upright or not. It is more about your mind than the posture of your body. Some meditation practitioners advocating very erect posture positions. I am more laid-back in my postures, and instead tend to focus my mind.

Mind as still as possible. I usually just follow my breath. I follow my breath as it moves in and out. I focus on how my body feels and any slight movements. I focus on the sounds coming toward me from around me. I become aware that sound is a wave. I fill myself with light. I imagine myself as a source of light, and I send out love. I bless my family, I bless my friends, and then I wish a multitude of blessings on our singular and diminishing humanity. Such meditations are about turning my inner light in service to the light of the whole.  

I have to believe it does some kind of good.

There are other times that I spend meditating – but it is a more creative practice – a time of imagination.  I call it visualization of what I call the best world in the world. I am Magine (stat.) what I would think of – the best place in the world in vivid pictures, lots of happy folks enjoying the best kinds of things in the world –  smiles, laughter. loving community and coffee and baked goods. My imaginations usually involve communities of like-minded peaceful folks joined together in the common good.  As i said, my perfect world usually takes place at a nice coffee shop, where we’ all are having a great time in a deep and connected community of friendly folks. I sometimes feel like visualizations are as important as other forms of expanded mindfulness – because they give the universe a picture to formulate from.  I find that visualizations are also definitely more fun!

But the ultimate question is, who really knows what it actually means to be mindful? I think it means putting your mind to work in alternative ways, connecting to deeper wavelengths of thinking and living. It definitely means striving in your practice, since one always needs to put in the time for a particularly good meditation practice. You have to do the time, so to speak, with your solo thinking.

This crazy anonymous blog endeavor is the result of visualizing what could be possible when you put the Internet to work as a collectively creative community. What does it look like when we talk to each other in a civil fashion? Are there even avenues for doing that anymore? How can we open up new branching connections with like-minded people?  Can we fashion a place to meet each other respectfully and where solo people can bond as a community of single folks.

The universe needs all of us to tune into it with a slow and patient meditative flow. May we all join our meditations together. 

Peace on your meditations fellow solo traveller!

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self-partnered, happy, and a little bit crazy. Happily crazy - and that's the difference. Looking to see if a community can form around this idea that we all walk solo - but maybe we can share our solo experiences and walk solo together.

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