Reclaiming Single-Minded

Join a community of single-minded people. It used to be an insult to be called single-minded. If you look at Webster’s Dictionary, to be single-minded typically meant that you were stubborn, prejudiced, or unwilling to contemplate other perspectives. The same phrase can also mean, however, that you are determined, decisive, and purposeful. In that spirit, I cultivate activities that I call “single-minded” activities. I want to rescue the phrase – change what it means to be “single-minded” from negative to a positive. When I say single-minded in this website it means choosing activities that allow me to focus my mind in a creative, productive, and healthy way. 

To be single-minded is to create habits, routines and rhythms that foster healthy living when you live alone. From the moment I get home from work to the moment I leave for work the next day, my time is 100% my own. That’s an awesome gift because I am master of my own time.  It is also an immense personal responsibility. It is easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of the internet without external checks and balances from roommates, partners, children, housemates, and emerge hours later with nothing to show for your time.

So I began to create a list of made a list of 100 single things to do – (link here) healthy things that don’t simply involve trying to cope, but are actually activities that catapult you into new explorations.  Right now for instance, I’m driving in a car and dictating this blog. If there was another person in the car, we’d probably be listening to music and having a conversation. Instead, I am able to be single-minded in a creative way. 

 So welcome to this blog for the “single-minded.” It may be that no one ever reads it, but I do hope one or two of you discovers it, and shares these self-partnering experiences. Give me suggestions or offer to write a post. I don’t want to be your lifemate, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be part of each other‘s lives. That’s the gift that the internet offers us – let’s take advantage of it.

Published by apotheosis.gam

self-partnered, happy, and a little bit crazy. Happily crazy - and that's the difference. Looking to see if a community can form around this idea that we all walk solo - but maybe we can share our solo experiences and walk solo together.

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